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Life's changes come at us fast.  If you or your loved one find yourselves in a position where you are no longer able to manage financial affairs, Longs Peak Fiduciary Services can be appointed to step in and handle them on your behalf.

Agent Under General (Financial) Power of Attorney:

If advanced planning is possible, our staff can serve as your agent under a financial power of attorney.  This requires that the principal who is assigning the power of attorney be competent and of sound mind, however it is less involved than a Conservator as it does not require court appointment.   

Agent POA

Personal Representative of Estates:

After a person has passed away, the administration of their estate can quickly become a complex matter entrenched in emotion.  With knowledge and experience in the laws and regulation when it comes to estate administration, our staff can provide a professional and independent approach to the administration of estates, taking the burden off of loved ones during a highly emotional time and ensuring the wishes that were conveyed in estate planning documents are honored.

Personal Representative


Trusts can be a great way to maintain confidentiality and forestall mismanagement of inheritances.  However, it is crucial that these instruments be followed closely, and frequently the provisions of them need to be navigated expertly.  An independent Trustee can help to maintain the privacy of these documents, and Longs Peak Fiduciary Services has the knowledge and experience to navigate even the most complex situations when it comes to trusts.

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