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Our office is conveniently located just off the I-25 corridor in Longmont at The Bank of the West Building, 1610 Hover Road, Suite 203.  Our location provides easy access to and from the Denver Metropolitan area or from northern Colorado via I-25 or Highway 287.  We serve the entirety of the Colorado Front Range and beyond as situations require.



A professional fiduciary provides you with the peace of mind that your financial needs are being handled appropriately, professionally, and efficiently.  With knowledge and experience in laws and regulations, a professional fiduciary can help navigate even the most complex situations, taking the burden off of family members.  Further, a professional fiduciary can provide an independent approach to situations that can become entrenched in emotion.  A professional fiduciary provides you with a resource you can trust to make clear, logical decisions when it comes to your financial well-being.  Contact Longs Peak Fiduciary Services to set up a free initial consultation to learn what we can do to help remove the stress from you and your loved ones. 


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